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Garry's BBQ Pit

What's This Site About?

What Is BBQ?

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Basic All American BBQ Sauce
La Parilla Norteno-Style Arbol Chile Salsa
Memphis Magic BBQ Sauce
Remus's Kansas City Classic Sauce
All-South BBQ Rub
Bruce's BBQ Rub (circa 1993)
Dry Cure For Fish
Garry's Chile Powder
Red's Dry Rub
Merle's Mop Sauce
M. L. McLemore's Lone Star Baste
Garry's Basting Sauce for Fish
Garry's Jamaican Jerk Marinade
La Parilla Traditional Achiote Recado
Bear's Cornbread
El Charro Frijoles Refritos (Refried Beans)
Frijoles Borrachos
La Parilla Taqueria Guacamole
Red's Prize Winnin' Pintos
Tidewater Coleslaw
Garry's Smoked Sausage File' Gumbo
Garry's Smokin' Hot Buffalo Wings

BBQ Cookbooks
Tips and Techniques

Infusion Technique For Homemade Eastern NC Style BBQ
How to BBQ ribs on a Weber

Pig and Pepper '96

BBQ Mailing List Group Photo
Kit Anderson
Yahoos With Trophies
Yahoos Scud Cooker
Ed Pawlowski BBQ Mailing List
Mike Roberts Nuts About Smoking
Moose & Lobster Preservation Society

BBQ Mailing List Rogue's Gallery

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Garry Howard, Bill Martin, Belly Maynard,
Kit Anderson, John 'Smoky' Mitchell,
David Klose, Dave EskWIRED

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Ed Powlowski, Bear, Vince Vielhaber,
Danny 'QMan' Gaulden,
Belinda Mullinex-Owens, Dave Alie, Bob Jones

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Glenn Birkhimer, Lloyd Carver, Kurt Lucas, Norm Corley, Dan Gill, Bob Foster, Robin Carr, Dan Butts

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Mark Antry, Rocky Hurley, Ken Haycook,
Leo Girardi, 'Bro' John, Jack Hunter, Bill Wight, Dave Lineback

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Don Martin, Bob Godwin, Lance Fuher,
=Mark Stevens, Rick Day, Wendell Smith,
Mike Williams, Bill Ackerman

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Rock McNelly, Harry Jiles, John Isenhour, Charlie Pini, Jim McGrath, Chris Hedemark, Jeff Lipsitt, Kevin Flannery

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John Ross, Kent Rhodes, Jim Beauchamp, Bruce Baker, Terry Light,
"Fergy" Ferguson, Dave Clark, Tom Gauldin

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Karl Machievelli, 'Big Jim' Whitten, Vince Nylin, Ben Bailey, Chris Detje, Rupert Horn

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