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Well, let's get right to the meat. Follow these links to learn all about BBQ and share in some of the fun.

Recipes Some of my favorite BBQ recipes. Sauces, mops, rubs, sides, and more.
BBQ Cookbooks Reviews of 21 BBQ, Grilling and Sausage Making cookbooks.
Tips and Techniques BBQ, Smoker, Wood, Meat, and Cooking tips.
Like how to BBQ ribs on a Weber.
Restaurants First hand restaurant reviews from internet newsgroups and the BBQ mailing lists.
Pig and Pepper '96 Pictures from the 1996 Pig & Pepper Massachusetts State Championship KCBS sanctioned BBQ cookoff.
BBQ List

Lineback's BBQ List


There are two different BBQ mailing lists where BBQ aficionados can argue endlessly about what constitutes REAL 'Q and who works the hardest to prepare it. The original list owned by Rick Thead is open for discussion of all BBQ and grilling related topics including use of alternative fuel sources like gas and electricity. The other BBQ list was started by Dave Lineback for the discussion of cooking BBQ and grilling the traditional way, over hardwood coals the way it's been done in North Carolina for generations. Click on one of the links at left for information on how to subscribe.

Since there are a lot of BBQ competitors on these mailing lists who compete in cookoffs around the country I started a BBQ Competition mailing list. The purpose of this list is to share information about BBQ cookoffs. Non-competitors are also welcome.

BBQ Mailing List Rogue's Gallery Photos of BBQ Mailing list members. If your heart can stand it!
Pictures from Q-Fest 97 Pictures from Q-Fest 97 in Carlsbad, NM, a get together of members of the BBQ mailing list.
BBQ Hot Links Links to other great BBQ websites.
The Smoke Ring Looking for even more BBQ information? Check out The Smoke Ring. Do you have a BBQ website? If so then add your site to The Smoke Ring, the most comprehensive list of BBQ sites on the Web.

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