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Garry's BBQ Pit

Barbecue, barbeque, BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-QUE, Bar-B-Cue however you spell it brings to mind tender roasted meat with a nice smoky flavor and a tangy sauce. It is a truly unique American cultural tradition. Welcome to my BBQ pit. Sit over here by the smoker and let's talk 'Que.

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Barbecue Competition - 2001

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Liquid Smoke
Year 2000 New England BBQ Society
Team of the Year

2nd Annual
Spring Fling Grilling Competition

We finished First Place in Sausage, Second in Chicken and Seafood and won Grand Champion.

6th Annual
Peters Pond

Rib and Brisket Fest

We finished First Place in Pork and Fourth in Chicken

Peters Pond

Barbecue Contests - 2000

Click here for pictures and information on New England BBQ competition for 2000.

Barbecue Contests - 1999

Click here for pictures and information on New England BBQ competition for 1999.

Member of The New England Barbecue Society

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