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9th Annual Pig n Pepper Festival
Massachusetts State Championship
Westford, MA 10/9/99 - 10/10/99
Pig n Pepper is a two day event with a grilling contest on Saturday, sanctioned by the Grilling Institute of America and a KCBS sanctioned BBQ contest on Sunday. It is the last contest of the New England BBQ season.

Liquid Smoke took First in Seafood, Third in Poultry and Reserve Grand Champion. (Click on pictures for a larger image)

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Sunday was the BBQ competition sanctioned by the KCBS as a State Championship. KCBS founders Gary and Carolyn Wells were the KCBS reps. We finished the year the same way it began, at the Lexington BBQ Battle in May, as Reserve Grand Champion behind Lance and the Yahoos who took Grand Champion. The highlight was my third perfect 180 score this year for ribs and another KCBS 180 pin. Oh well, there is always next year.

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The Yahoos earned the nickname "The Carousel Team" after Lance figured out how to start up a carousel at the Festival site and rounded up 40 drunken BBQ cooks for an unauthorized merry go round ride at 4AM. After the awards ceremony we went for another complimentary ride.
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I would like to thank Stu Carpenter for helping out on the Liquid Smoke team for the past few contests. Here he is in his normal hard-at-work position. Stu, as anyone can see I couldn't have done it without you.

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