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10th Annual Pig 'n Pepper Festival
Westford, MA 10/7/00 - 10/8/00
Massachusetts State BBQ Championship

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 The Winners

The Yahoos - Grand Champion
Grand Champion
The Yahoos
1st - Ribs
1st - Brisket

Reserve Grand Champion - Liquid Smoke
Reserve Grand Champion
Liquid Smoke
1st - Chicken
1st - Pork Shoulder

Liquid Smoke and The Yahoos

Full Results
  Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket
First Liquid Smoke The Yahoos Liquid Smoke The Yahoos
Second Tennesee's BBQ Boss Hog Snail Slow Smokin' Dale Bishop's Pigpickin
Third Gator Hammock Chicken Chokin Smokin Blues Burnt Offerings Dr. Frankenswine
Fourth Lean Mean BBQ Team Wauhatchie Stump Jumpers The Yahoos Lean Mean BBQ Team
Fifth Pit Boss BBQ Dale Bishop's Pigpickin Wauhatchie Stump Jumpers Burnt Offerings

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