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5th Annual Peters Pond Rib & Brisket Fest
Peters Pond Campground, Sandwich, MA 6/24/00
It was a beautiful weekend on Cape Cod as 13 teams turned out for the Fifth Annual Rib & Brisket Fest held at the Peters Pond Campground. We stumbled a little on pork and brisket but managed to finish First in chicken, Second in ribs and third overall. At any rate, it was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time.

The Free Lunch Club team was the envy of everyone with their brand new cooker manufactured by J-R Enterprises. If you'd like to check it out, here are some pictures.

More Pictures - More pictures from the event

Meet the Teams - Portraits of all the teams

J-R Cooker - Pictures of Free Lunch Club's new J-R cooker

Click on images for a larger view.

 The Winners

Grand Champion
The Lone Pyro
1st - Ribs
2nd - Brisket
4th - Chicken
5th - Pork
2nd - Seafood

Reserve Grand Champion
Uncle Jed's BBQ
1st - Seafood
2nd - Chicken
3rd - Pork
5th - Ribs

Liquid Smoke
Third Overall
1st - Chicken
2nd - Ribs

I Smell Smoke
1st - Brisket
3rd - Seafood

Dr. Frankenswine
1st - Pork

Full Results
  Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket Seafood
First Liquid Smoke The Lone Pyro Dr. Frankenswine I Smell Smoke Uncle Jed's BBQ
Second Uncle Jed's BBQ Liquid Smoke Free Lunch Club The Lone Pyro The Lone Pyro
Third Pit Boss BBQ Pit Boss BBQ Uncle Jed's BBQ Petey's Crispy Critters I Smell Smoke
Fourth The Lone Pyro Bastey Boys Chicken Chokin Smokin Blues Boss Hog Back 40 BBQ
Fifth Back 40 BBQ Uncle Jed's BBQ The Lone Pyro Back 40 BBQ Pit Boss BBQ

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