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Hanover BBQ & Blues
Massachusetts State Championship
Hanover, MA 9/11/99
The Hanover BBQ & Blues contest, which determines the Massachusetts state champion, is a cooker's event. Organized by NEBS officials who also compete, it is a very well run contest. 

This year the event got off to plenty of excitement on Friday night as a warm front from the south and a cold front from the west collided over New England delivering torrential rains, flash flood warnings and high winds. A huge gust of wind around 8:00 PM demolished the judges tent and lifted The Wauhatchie Stump Jumpers tent and canopy off the ground and over the tops of several other teams sites scattering it across the field beyond. It also blew down several other sites. Don Martin's site was so demolished he dropped out of the competition.

Fortunately, the rain stopped sometime after midnight and Saturday was a beautiful day with blue skies and temperatures in the 70's. We didn't win state champ but we did manage to take first place in two of the four categories, chicken and pork.


Grand Champions
MA State Champions 1999
The Yahoos

Reserve Grand Champions
Boss Hogg
(Two young guys in their first contest)

Team of the Year 1999
The Yahoos

Liquid Smoke
First Place Chicken
First Place Pork

Contest Results

Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket
1st Liquid Smoke Free Lunch Club Liquid Smoke Boss Hogg
2nd Yahoos Yahoos Yahoos Tennessee's BBQ
3rd Pyro Porkers Burnt Offerings Smokin Dudes Petey's Crispy
4th Dirty Dick Boss Hogg Boss Hogg Dirty Dick
5th Pit Boss Green Mtn BBQ Dirty Dick Yahoos

Overall Rankings

Ranking Team Name Overall Score
1 Yahoos 700.0000
2 Boss Hogg 696.5716
3 Dirty Dick & the
Legless Wonders
4 Tennessee's BBQ 694.2854
5 Liquid Smoke 693.7142
6 Petey's Crispy Critters 688.0002
7 Smokin Dudes 686.8570
8 Free Lunch Club 685.1426
9 Pyro Porkers 683.4278
10 Hog Heaven 680.5714
11 Uncle Jed's BBQ 680.5712
12 Whiskey Smokin' Blues 680.0000
13 Green Mtn BBQ Smoke
14 Pit Boss BBQ 674.8570
15 Chicken Chokin'
Smokin' Blues
16 Smoke For All Seasons 653.1422
17 Burnt Offerings 516.5712
18 Big Moe M&M Ribs 298.2868

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